Provider Section

Whether your an existing provider in our network looking for patient authorization or a new provider looking to join our network. We can assist you with getting you all the information you need.

Need benefit information?

Contact us at 888-969-7874.


Provider Authorization Questions

You can continue to call us at (888) 969-7874 for any questions or visit the portal.

Questions about getting authorization?

If you are an In Network Provider, no prior authorizations are needed for most routine counseling and medication management services in 2024.

If you have questions please reach out to your BCP contact or call us at (888) 969-7874. 

 Out of Network Provider FAQ


I am an Out of Network provider, how do I get an authorization?

  • If you need help verifying if you are seeing a member of one of our managed plans, you can check which plans we manage on our Individual/Member FAQ or call us to verify eligibility at 888-969-7874.
  • We do not provide authorizations for OON providers. Members can be referred to us for help finding an in network provider.


The Behavioral Care Partners Provider Network is currently closed to new providers.  If you would like us to keep your information on file in the event there is a gap in network we need to fill, please fill out the Provider Inquiry Form below.